My Favorite Patch of Greenery

My favorite patch of greenery is a forest called the “Wildwald Vosswinkel”. It’s a big, private forest that is great for having a wonderful day away from the city, which also means, away from traffic.

It’s in the middle of Germany, not too far from where I live. This forest is a great place to escape from the city for a day. It’s big enough to spend a day or two but on the other hand, it’s also small enough not to get lost in. :-)

Of course there are mainly trees but they also have all kinds of flowers (I love to take photos of flowers and I had just bought the Holga close-up lens set when I went there last summer). Then there is plenty of water – kids love it. And of course animals. Animals are great for close-ups. I brought my LC-Wide and did some nice shots of one of the cats and the pig. ;-) There are deers as well – I love those big animals!

After a day in the forest, you can have some nice food in the restaurant or you can bring your own food and eat it while sitting around the fireplace.

This is definitely a place for children and families but if you bring your camera(s), you can spend the day all by yourself (just you and your Holga). ;-)

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written by kleeblatt on 2012-01-09 #places #animals #water #flowers #trees #location #greenery #patch #escape-from-the-city

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