My Most Memorable Travel Escapade in 2011


My most memorable travel escapade in 2011 was a one-week hike through the Alps. I grew up in the south of Germany and my parents always took me to the Alps. They love to walk and I didn’t. Now I live far away from from those huge mountains, in a medium-sized city. I actually started to miss them.

I remembered the food they cook in the south of Germany – it’s delicious! Finally, I began to walk and to hike. It’s kind of boring to just walk, but it’s just great to hike and climb the top of a mountain. I decided to join a group and hike through the Alps for a whole week.

The weather was good, no rain, just sunshine everyday :-), the people were nice, the “walk” was lots of fun and at the same time, very hard and difficult but what was most important was the view. The view was spectacular! After hiking/climbing for several hours, you finally reach the top and then you have this fantastic view over the Alps! I can’t describe the feeling you get, you’ve got to be there to understand. It’s something that’s hard to top.

At the end of the day, we reached one of those puristic houses where they served us wonderful food. :-p To do a hike like this, you have to be in pretty good shape and you must love to walk and you must love to carry your stuff and you must not expect a shower at the place you spend the night in – but expect beautiful scenery, unforgettable views, and perhaps the walk of your life!

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    Great escape !! I wish one day I could go to the Alps... The cow is funny !

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