Photo Accordion Pattern Edition: Domino

I did a review of the Photo Accordion Pattern Edition in Domino. It’s cool, but has a couple of issues. Read about my findings after the jump.

When I purchased my La Sardina Domino Edition, she came with a little surprise: a matching Photo Accordion Pattern Edition in Domino. I don’t normally display my pictures (strange, I know), but I saw that Lomography was hoping that someone would do a review of this particular photo accordion, so I decided to have a go at it. The first thing that came to mind was to fill it with some of my favorite black and white photos since it’s a black and white pattern. Maybe this was a mistake. You be the judge.

The accordion is cool enough. It has a rubber band that keeps it closed when you’re not displaying your pictures. When you’re ready to show off your work, you just open it up like an accordion. Cool. It has eight internal patterned pages and a front and back cover with the same pattern. The back is completely blank, but you can certainly use that too. I’m thinking of putting my favorite color pictures on the back.

I decided to print out some of my favorite black and white pictures — all film of course — using my Polaroid POGO printer. It’s a portable USB/Bluetooth printer that prints on 2″ × 3″ ZINK (Zero Ink) paper with a sticky back. It has a resolution of approximately 300 DPI. So, I cropped all of the pictures I had picked to a 2 × 3 aspect ratio. Then, I re-sized them so that they wouldn’t overflow the memory of the printer. I had to print some of my super-wide pictures in multiple parts which I overlapped later. These are the cropped and re-sized images:

I laid out the pictures and stuck them onto the Domino Photo Accordion. This was the final result:

Here is the detail of the center part:

Some Things to Notice

If you look at the detail, you might be able to see that the pattern shows through the white areas of some of the pictures. This is because of the boldness of the pattern and also the thinness of the ZINK paper. Also, when I showed it to my favorite wife (only wife), she told me that she thought the pattern behind the pictures was so bold that it was distracting. She thought maybe it would have been better if they had used a medium or light grey to carry the pattern through, but not distract from the mounted pictures. Maybe the pattern would be less distracting with color pictures. I don’t know, but I think it looks cool anyway. As I already said, you also have the option of using the back which is plain white.

Thicker paper? Colored pictures? Your mileage may vary. Overall, I thought this was a fun exercise and it gave me a chance to use my Polaroid POGO printer and show off some of my black and white pictures, which is always a cool thing.

The Photo Accordion, as the name suggests, folds and unfolds like an accordion. It’s a convenient option to hold up to 14 Lomographs in just one set! Available in 6 different sets and 3 different sizes to suit your needs, now there’s no excuse not to put your precious memories on display. See all Lomography stationery here.

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