The Days When There Was No Alternative To Lomography


My enthusiasm for analogue photography has lead me dig through my mum’s, dad’s and grandparent’s old photos to see their family and holiday snaps from the ‘30s to the ’70s. The good ol’ days when digital was just an adjective associated with fingers.

My mum began a few years ago to scan in all her parents’ old photos and it was the photo above that struck me the most. It’s so fun and captures the moment and the zeitgeist perfectly. It is not just a family photo (my grandmother is first on the left), it is also a piece of social history from a town where if you were a man you were down the pit and if you were a woman you were in the mills. I cannot accurately date or place many of the photos but I’ll do my best to organise a few of my chosen favourites to share.

The ’40s:

This is of my great aunty (right) with her friend. I love this one because the woman in the middle looks like she’s going down the fountain Super Mario style. It’s great to get a bit of humour in your snaps, but not sure it this one was intended!

The ’50s:

This were my grandparents as newlyweds on holiday in Blackpool (you can make out the famous tower on the left). I like looking at the clothes in some of these old photos and, also, it’s nice to remember that everyone was/is young once. All in all, it’s a beautifully framed photo.

The ’60s:

These are all of my mum and uncles as children. My grandad was a miner and that’s what you can see in the background of the first photo. It was a reminder of harsher times. The others are all on Blackpool beach or Butlins, those staple Northern holidays, and you can see my granny looking rather stylish and my uncles showing off on the diving board.

The above photo rightly deserves its own space. What a fantastic portrait conveying the happy and cheeky nature of a young child. That’s my uncle before he got all his teeth.

We can now make the transition to colour!

The ’70s:

These photos were all chosen because of their bizarre colours. I would love to get colour like these into some of my shots—bright yellows, purples, and oranges that I could only achieve now with special film. Also, some dodgy hair styles in there that should be confined to history!

What stylish photos! They really have the look of the decade. The second one has amazing colour and looks like it could be a band or TV programme. The first one is dark and moody and could easily be from a kitchen sink drama. I really like them both. The third has those perfect ’70s hues, and just look at that motor!

I thought I’d end on another funny note from my great aunty. Not sure where this is, but check out the nuns in the background with a man lying on the floor in front of them! If he’s taking a photo, I’d like to see the result!

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  1. geekgoddesskilobyte
    geekgoddesskilobyte ·

    I love vintage photographs. Lovely collection.

  2. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    the first picture is really awesome and historically interesting!

  3. blinghaha
    blinghaha ·

    Love them!

  4. petra-pak
    petra-pak ·

    this is just great!

  5. freddiebonfa
    freddiebonfa ·

    great stuff. Loved it

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    allanbendiksen ·

    Great article.

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