Sprocket Rocket Superpop Yellow: Yellow Submarine


Lomography should win a prize for creating this analogue gadget which captures panoramic photos. The Sprocket Rocket in Superpop Yellow, like the rest of Sprocket Rocket cameras, can capture even the film’s sprockets.

The first thing I love about the Sprocket Rocket must be the wide angle lens. The pictures you can take with this camera are astonishing. The fact that you’re taking panoramic photos and also shoot into the sprockets is great. The fact that it is cheaper than a Horizon Perfekt or Kompakt is awesome. I own all of the Sprocket Rocket cameras just because they are cheap and are capable of taking awesome panoramic photos.

I love the bulb mode and the shutter speed of this camera. I really do a lot of long exposure photos. I find that working with this camera is easy, and you don’t need to be a professional photographer in order to get proper results.

The aperture is not much of a help for me because I didn’t use it much. I think it does the job if you shoot in daylight, sunny or cloudy. It doesn’t matter much—you are a lomographer and you are limited by your creativity.

Out of one roll of film with 36 exposures, you get only 9 fine panoramic photos. It’s worth every penny.

Use this camera whenever you want. It’s perfect even if you don’t nail the shots; it still provides a great effect due to the sprockets.

The Sprocket Rocket is the world’s first wide-angle camera dedicated entirely to sprockets. And now it’s available in the freshest hues—blue, green, orange, and yellow. The Sprocket Rocket Superpop! features super wide-angle lens that captures the entire width of film and scrolling knobs for easy multiple exposures. Available in our Shop.

written by pvalyk on 2012-01-20 #gear #35mm #review #yellow #camera #panoramic #rocket #lomography #sprocket


  1. alex34
    alex34 ·

    You should be getting 18 shots out of a 36 long roll, not 9.

  2. pvalyk
    pvalyk ·

    I guess the film got stuck or something cuz I couldn't rewind it any further.

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