Them and Their Typewriters: Famous People and Their 'Machinariums'


We’ve already featured famous people and their analogue cameras. And today, we have a different vintage machine on spotlight: typewriters! This mechanical device may be outdated but seeing them on pictures on this day and age still brings the analogue giddiness in us. See these masterful snapshots after the jump.

Alfred Hitchcock, 1939.

Tac-a-tac, tac-a-tac! You have probably owned and used one when desktop computers and hand-held gadgets were not around yet but nowadays, typewriters already belong to antique and rare, almost extinct, finds. What do these machinery have, anyway, and why are we still inclined to them?

It’s probably the typewriters’ vintage allure and style or its charming noise during one’s writing process which make us, even to date, swoon — most especially if these eye candies have been used by someone famous.

Here’s a various collection of black and white photographs of well-known people — actors, authors, directors, musicians, playwrights, and even presidents — and their solitary moments with their typewriters. Enjoy!

Joan Crawford.
Sean O’Casey.
Evadne Price.
Marguerite Higgins.
J. B. Priestley.
William H. Chickering.
Douglas Fairbanks Sr.
Melville Jacoby.
Ian Fleming.
Tennessee Williams.
John F. Kennedy.
Charles Bukowski, 1988.
John Cheever, 1979.
James Jones, 1950.
Bob Dylan.
Tennessee Williams, 1946.
Dorothy Parker, 1937.
Saul Bellow.
William Faulkner, 1943.
Sylvia Plath.
Ernest Hemingway, 1939.
Leonard Cohen.
Francoise Sagan, 1955.
Agatha Christie, 1946.
Marlon Brando, 1954.
Langston Hughes, 1945.
George Orwell.
William S. Burroughs, 1959.

Which of these portraits of famous people and their typewriters do you like most and why? Perhaps you can also find a similar photograph, too? Share it with us through a comment below.

Images and information on this article were taken from the following sources: Famous Authors and Their Typewriters -- Flavorwire and In Praise of Typewriters -- LIFE.

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  1. bubblegirl
    bubblegirl ·

    T. Williams is great, you can see him conjuring up those perfect dialogs in his plays! And I was expecting more booze surrounding Bukowski :D

  2. myloveletter
    myloveletter ·

    Saul Bellow, Sylvia Plath, Ernest Hemingway, Leonard Cohen! Some of my favorite people! Thanks for that...…

  3. speezberry
    speezberry ·

    Alfred Hitchcock and Langston Hughes. Lomo On!!!!!

  4. munkejens
    munkejens ·

    I second Tennessee Williams. Lot's of stuff in the shot that really gives you impressions of a man who lives for writing and nothing else. He's propably just awoken. I mean, with the full coffe cup and cigarette. But he could easily be getting to bed. I love that.

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