An Explosion of Color!


Check out ‘The obliteration room 2011’ by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. It isn’t morbid, but quite the opposite! It’s a larger, reworking, of a previous children’s project by the same artist. The new piece is part of a major solo exhibition, ‘Look Now, See Forever’. It’ll wow the spots right off of you, that is if you were a multicolored ladybug…

Image via Laughing Squid

The white room, and we mean ‘completely’ whitewashed, from end chair to television set, reminds us of Mr. Bean’s explosive paint job, of his flat.

Circular stickers, in many different colors, litter the room. Who knows if they are strategically placed, or random like your limb placement in a game of Twister!

Image via Laughing Squid

How many of you have had parents who’d scream at you when you got too close to the white walls with your crayons or hand paint on the white tabletops without first having placed sheets of newspaper underneath your canvas? Now, take this ingenious idea, to the test and have all the children you know, under the surveillance of their parent’s watchful eye, run amok with colored stickers that leave the furniture, underneath, white as snow!

Images via QAG

White symbolizes purity, or death. In both cases, an undeniable void or blank space. In interior design, many people opt for white, white walls, white sinks and bathtubs or white rugs, to either maintain a tranquil state, or to harmonize with other, colorful artifacts on display in the room. Yayoi sees the white room as a canvas, of which she desires to ‘obliterate’, which she’s achieved with the help of children who’ve placed stickers all over.

Yayoi Kusama. Images via QAG

The artist, who has been active since the 1950s, draws her inspiration from hallucinations and is obsessed with polka dots (if you couldn’t already tell!) She’s been influenced by Georgia O’Keeffe, has influence Yoko Ono, and has exhibited work with Andy Warhol, among others. Some of the other works shown in ‘Look Now, See Forever’ include:Reach Up to the Universe, Dotted Pumpkin and Dots Obsession

The ‘pumpkin’ motif is one that is rooted to Yayoi’s childhood, spend in wartime. The diet of pumpkin, and nothing much else, makes the gourd a staple of her artwork, just as it was a staple of her diet for a long while. And, in ‘Dots Obsession’, the mirrors, and warped objects plastered with dots, are meant to replicate the hallucinations the artist had as a youth.

For details, and more, about the show ‘Yayoi Kusama: Look Now, See Forever’, check out: Yayoi Kusama's 'The Obliteration Room'

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