Lomography Gallery Store Singapore Proudly Introduces the Lomolab!


Have you been looking for photo labs to develop your films? Has it been a hassle to develop your Sprocket Rocket, LomoKino, or Spinner 360 shots? Well, we can process all of them here at Lomography Gallery Store Singapore! View details after the break…

Hello fellow Lomographers! Film processing is now available in Lomography Gallery Store Singapore!

Rest assured, our services are pocket-friendly! Here is a summary of the prices:

Package Price

  • 35mm Color Negative (Development, Scans, Prints 9cm x 13mm): $14
  • Sprocket Holes (Development, Scans, Prints 9cm x **cm): $19
  • Horizon (Development, Scans, Prints 9cm x 21cm): $19
  • Spinner 360 (Development, Scans, Prints 9cm x 30cm): $23
  • 120mm film (Development, Scans, Prints 10cm x 10cm): $14
  • Lomokino (Development, Scans, Digital Movie without sprocket): $16
  • 110 film (Development, Scans, Prints): $14


  • Cross process / Black & White / E-6 Process: Add $2 on top of the package price
  • Push development: $2 / stop

All you have to do is to pay a $5 deposit and we will give you a call to pick up your developed photos when they are ready! Processing takes between 7 to 10 days.

Please take note that our LomoLab is still a dry-run. So please bear with us while we improve our process to serve you better!

For more updates, you may follow our LomoHome and our Facebook, too!

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  1. domo-guy
    domo-guy ·

    Helloo. I sent 11 rolls to the lab and I got it back via email but I only got 9 rolls... Help me out please? >.<

  2. domo-guy
    domo-guy ·

    Oh wait they were boiled.. So if they don't turn out, could you tell me that?

  3. lomographysg
    lomographysg ·

    @domo-guy sure no problem! We will give you a call if we see that your two rolls did not come out.

  4. izadrazi
    izadrazi ·

    Lomolab is very efficient! The photos turned out great and surpassed my expectations. Service-wise, its fuss-free and swift (the photos were sent to my email even before the negs returned to sg!), and the best part had got to be the nifty button in that email that magically uploaded all the photos to my Lomohome. Also, like mentioned above, a friendly staff called once the films safely arrived home. Good job, guys!

  5. lomographysg
    lomographysg ·

    @izadrazi Hah thank you ! we are still working out the little kinks, but your feedback was wonderful! Let us know if there is anything else we can improve on in the future :P Lomo on!

  6. cloudsoldier
    cloudsoldier ·

    I have sent my 2 rolls of film the 4 weeks ago and i have not receive any e-mails regarding the scan results. :(

  7. lomographysg
    lomographysg ·

    @cloudsoldier So sorry about that! Just checked up on your LomoLab order and realized we got your email address wrong (left out an 0 at the end!), which is why you didn't receive any emails. Please accept our sincere apologies! Rest assured your films are safe and ready for collection! See you soon :-)

  8. cloudsoldier
    cloudsoldier ·

    Glad to hear that! I'll be collecting them in another 4 weeks time! Thanks! :)

  9. khalilah-khalid
    khalilah-khalid ·

    I'm from brunei, I doubt there's a 110 film developer in Brunei. do you do mail order?

  10. nowellephant
    nowellephant ·

    Hi! May i ask if the price shown above for the Spinner 360 [Spinner 360 (Development, Scans, Prints 9cm x 30cm): $23] is the cost per roll? Thanks!

  11. meerly
    meerly ·

    @nowellephant yes it is the cost per roll
    @khalilah-khalid yes we now accept mail order! Check out more here: shop.lomography.com/sg/services/lomolab-services-sg

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