Analogue Art: Austin Camilleri on Paper

Recently, Art..e Gallery hosted a series of intimate new works by Austin Camilleri, one of Malta’s leading contemporary artists. Read more about these new artworks by the international artist after the jump!

Image courtesy of the artist Austin Camilleri

Born in 1972, Austin Camilleri has represented Malta internationally in Paris, Brussels, Rome, Vienna, London, New York, Geneva, Munich, Ramallah, Guatemala City, and Cape Town, among others.

Image courtesy of the artist Austin Camilleri

Returning to exhibit in Gozo after a five year absence, Camilleri presented a series of new works on paper. The mixed media interventions are immediately recognisable as belonging to Camilleri’s output of the past two years. Although the research and processes involved are akin to those of his large canvases, a striking sense of urgency and immediacy not evident in the larger equivalent works is now palpable.

Large paintings by Austin Camilleri on display at the St. James Cavalier Centre for Creativity, Valletta, Malta via RedWhiteMT

The current works are often composed in layers of opposing elements where ‘pentimenti” are deliberately emphasised. Camilleri makes use of, often at once, charcoal, non-newtonian inks, dry pigments, acrylic, pencils, pens, pastels, and bitumen to produce works that feed on contemporary society. Set on drawing as the vehicle for expressing acute observations, Camilleri’s commentary shifts from social criticism to sharp humor; an absurd spectacle of politics and art floating as one in a limbo of rough splashes and symmetry where abstract and figurative coexist in aesthetic harmony.

Images courtesy of the artist Austin Camilleri

Just like the Rorschach blots they sometimes feature, the works do not present a single, specific reading. Camilleri’s primary concern is to explore and often to question the blurring of supposed oppositions.

To find out more about Austin Camilleri, visit his website.

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