Cut and Paste the Analogue Way


The Clever Collages rumble from a few months back inspired me to get my scissors and glue and create something new! Here’s how I created my own clever collage from the photos that I took!

Lomography allows us to create some wonderful dream-like images, but when our dreams turn really surreal, how do we capture those? One way is to dig those old prints out, take some scissors and create something new.

Step1: Think of a concept. At this stage I didn’t want to get too constrained by existing photos. An angel on a Christmas card caught my eye and my dogs were sat at my feet as usual. Well sometimes they are little angels but sometimes not, they’d just stolen a sandwich! My concept – doggy temptation.

Step 2: Have a look through those analogue prints you have. Do any of them fit with that image in your mind? The photo of Paddy looking slightly worried suited perfectly, and a couple of little lurcher pics would make the ideal sized devil/angel. Now is not the time to be precious, you can always reprint them – get cutting those dogs out.

Step 3: Find some paper for a background.

Step 4: Think about the detail – the stars, the wings, the horns. Find those terrible photos that are the right colour and get snipping – some yellow flowers were perfect for my stars.

Step 5: At this stage, don’t get impatient and glue everything down. I did and when I decided I didn’t like it had to start peeling everything apart again. This would have been much easier if I’d used spray mount, but I didn’t; I used PVA glue which sets like a rock. When I’d finally decided that less is more, I glued it all down and scanned into the computer. My first attempt, pretty time consuming and I did glue the table cloth to the table – but oh so much more relaxing than Photoshop.

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  1. poochfan
    poochfan ·

    I laughed soo hard when I saw that dog picture!

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