Shooting Angry Birds with EPR 64 and Sensia 100

Have you ever heard birds singing? I bet some of you have. Here, I will show you guys a singing corner for birds located at Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West. It is a popular place among bird lovers but not for lomographers like us. So I hope more lomographers will press their shutter buttons there and share this location here.

The birds’ singing corner have big open fields with many poles. You will get to see a lot of bird lovers, mostly elderly and the unique thing is not one of them is a woman. Perhaps this corner is like a male territory? Bird lovers will start off by hanging their cages high up on the poles (as you can see from the photos). Followed by taking a seat at a shelter area and relax themselves while listening to the beautiful singing of their birds. Besides enjoying the singing, there will be lots of chit chatting going on among the bird lovers. So this is a great place to be for bird lovers as they can talk about their passion of keeping birds, exchanging tips like how we lomographers do through tipsters.

Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West’s Birds Singing Corner is really an ideal place for XPro shooting as there are lots of fun and interesting things to shoot at. (Don’t Think Just Shoot!) It is also a nice place for street photography as well! Isn’t it fun to have birds singing while shooting? So come on down to the Birds Singing Corner for some lomo action!

written by bao_wei on 2012-01-09 #places #fun #birds #sky #singing #location #exploration #select-type-of-location #art-and-culture

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