Lomography Lookbook - Match Cameras to Outfits

There’s no denying that some of our lovely camera body patterns, colors and designs make bold statements much like attractive articles of clothing! Check out the lookbook we’ve made, showing which clothing styles go with their respective cameras!

La Sardina Camera - Domino

Credits: alehopgm, verismokid, pangmark & falsedigital

Why are three of the models in the above photographs closing their eyes? It’s not them who has to look at what they’re wearing!

We love the monochrome look of the group in the first photo. The lady in the middle really has it down! We can envision her, albeit in a dizzy state, with the Domino edition of the La Sardinia in hand! Perhaps it was the Domino that was taking these photos, and is the culprit of the many a closed eye!

La Sardina Camera & Flash – Fischers Fritze

Credits: alessiab, icuresick, reneg88, fivedayforecast & ninja12

The first contestant is even posing with the Fischers Fritze edition of the La Sardinia! We think any stripes, in red, white, or blue, go with this camera. After all, it is nautical!

What about a cool, graphic t-shirt that highlights all the colors found on the camera. It can either have a blue base, with white and red designs, or a white base with…you get the picture!

Diana Mini

Credits: miriel, eva_eva, hallowkween & amirulshahrom

When you think Diana Mini, you think chic…no? Dress up like the dame in the first photograph, with her lovely blue-green fedora that resembles the top of the Diana Mini! The large buttons on her coat could be lenses, and the camera’s black body contrasts her white coat, though at the same time matches, as black and white go with anything!

We love the girl’s raven-black hair in the fourth photo in this gallery, with the hood of her sweatshirt falling on her head, covering just the back of it. This reminded us of the Diana Mini and how the blue top is only one-third of the camera body, while the black takes up two-thirds. For all we know she could be called Diana!

We hope these shots inspire your own outfits! Show us your best look, won’t you?

written by soundfoodaround on 2012-01-02 #lifestyle #fashion #patterns #style #geometric #matching-outfits

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