Chinese Soldier's Portrait Made Using 5,500 Toy Soldiers


An artist recreates one of the most iconic war photographs in history using 5,500 toy soldiers. Read about the epic work of art after the jump!

Many years after legendary war photographer and photojournalist Robert Capa snapped the portrait of a young Chinese soldier, an artist came up with a clever rendition of the iconic photograph.

Artist Joe Black created an awesome masterpiece depicting Capa’s photo, aptly called “Made in China,” not only referring to the young soldier’s nationality, but also where the toy soldiers were made. Done in pointilism fashion, Black used 5,500 toy soldiers glued onto a vertical surface and spray painted with different colors to render the image. The result is a fascinating artwork which is a sight to behold from a distance and up-close.

“Made in China” was among the beautiful artworks displayed at the Moniker Art Fair in London In October last year.

Let’s take a closer look at Joe Black’s work:

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All photos and information for this article were taken from Joe Black's Website and Colossal.

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    I think those people who makes stuff like this is awesome! So much for work just one piece, and a great piece too!

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    @plasticpopsicle I submitted an article about this yesterday morning. It's really interesting to see how someone can tackle the same subject differently.

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