Analogue Cameras Spotted on Belgian Comedy TV Show 'Zonder Van de Zendtijd'

I was watching this TV show called Zonde van de Zendtijd and suddenly noticed the lomo cameras behind one of the hosts. Let’s check the video after the jump.

Zonde van de Zendtijd is a comedy show on the Belgian television. Henk Rijckaert (with the big sideburns) and Bert Gabriëls are the hilarious hosts. The show combines skits, parodies and jokes with hidden cameras that have fooled both normal people like you and me, but they also prank politicians and other celebrities. Here’s the episode on Youtube. It’s in Dutch though.

In the video, we see a Lubitel and several other analogue cameras. You can catch the show every Monday evening on the CANVAS channel.

written by jorgdhondt on 2012-01-09 #news #videos #lc-a #lubitel #dutch #news #spotted #zonder-van-de-zendtijd

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