LomoKino Presents: Atmospheric Accounts

Venice, London and Kuala Lumpur. Check out these videos, showcasing some of the most picturesque scenes, that are staples of the cities in question! The colors are amazing, and faces, costumes and buildings, classic and a must see!

Venice ’11 :: LomoKino
At sea level, the salty air is almost digestible. A display of warm smiles for the camera, by Gondoliers and market stall keepers. Then, high above, overlooking the historic city, we take in Venice’s serene beauty. and are able to scan the intricate details and colors of the low rise structures.

Ice Skating with LomoKino
Wow! This has to be the most people captured in a Lomo Kino video! What do you think? We love the depth, and perception of the skaters far off in the distance, and zooming right by the lens! The bursts of color, in form of loud jackets and knitted hats, are great interludes and points of reference for those of you who see this piece as continuous, with no beginning or end.

LomoKino “Wedding”
What a special event to be a part of! This video allows you to witness a wedding procession, of the Malay custom. What beautiful colors, people, almost audible drumming, and even a split second side shot of a pair of retro sunnies! A true piece of documentation and capturing of culture we are glad to see shared on Lomography!

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