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The Cool School or ‘How LA Learned to Love Modern Art’ is an essential historical film about Los Angeles’ art scene. Read the full article for more information.

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Directed by Morgan Neville and narrated by actor Jeff Bridges, The Cool School is a film about the seminal artists in the decades of 1950s to the 1960s, particularly their scene in Los Angeles, USA. It tells us how one can build an art scene from scratch and discusses what one should avoid during the process.

Ferus Art Gallery, which shaped the LA art scene and served as a point of origin for New York imports, is one of the film’s focuses. Various, brilliant artists were cited and included in the documentary, namely: Andy Warhol, Craig Kauffman, Dennis Hopper, Ed Kienholz, Ed Moses, Ed Ruscha, Jasper Johns, Robert Irwin, Roy Lichtenstein, and Wallace Berman.

This visually fascinating 86-minute film is a mixture of intelligently edited mix of found footage and interviews, home-made movies, and still images of a variety of artists who reigned LA’s old (but cool) school art scene: avant-garde filmmakers, graphic designers, playwrights, and many others. Posted above is the trailer! Enjoy!

“I remember the word ‘Ferus’ outside had this kind of magic to it. Ferus had a much sparer approach to showing art. If you want to put a tiny painting on a single big wall, you’re welcome to it. And the artist is the boss.” — Ed Ruscha, Ferus Gallery artist

Information for this article were taken from Art Housefilms Online.

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