5 Tips on Portrait Photography


There are a lot of things you can do to improve your portrait photography skills. Read 5 simple tips on portrait photography that can add a little something to your photos.

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We all know that the main focus of a portrait should be the person. However, playing with the background can improve the photo or change its mood. That’s why choosing the right background for the portrait can be as important as the subject itself. You can opt for a plain or patterned background, just as long as it does not deviate the eye away from your subject.

Horizontal or vertical shots are common in portrait photography. Why not mix it and experiment by holding your camera at an angle when you shoot? This is something that you could do when doing fun portrait shoots. It could also offer a new perspective when shooting portraits of pets or children.

Shooting portraits using the square format will be helpful for your composition. Try placing your subject at the center of the frame or close to one side. Either way, you’ll end up with a nice portrait. To achieve a better effect, try a portrait in square format using black and white film.

The expression on the face of your subject is an element that can add something special to your photo. Experiment by shooting your subject in various moods. You can even try going extreme and see how unique the photo will turn out.

It is common for us to take portraits of our friends. Why not try taking portraits of strangers? Take a stroll and look for people who are interesting to you. Approach them and ask if you could take their portrait. It would be interesting to see what you come up with when working with someone that you don’t know.

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  1. lokified
    lokified ·

    I admit to initially being terrified of asking strangers if I could take their picture, leading to many stealthy snaps with my phone, but sometimes you need a direct look, and the odder-looking the camera, the better. My best response was holding my Holga 120N on a tiny pocket tripod with cable release and playing up my accent so I would seem to be a tourist. Not only did I get my shot, but two other people asked if I'd take a photo of them too. :)

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