Chinatown, Liverpool, and its Stunning Arch

Although probably not the largest in the country, Chinatown in Liverpool is quaint, well decorated, and holds some lovely Chinese restaurants.

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Chinatown in Liverpool was the first established “Chinatown” in Europe and could be seen in its early stages in the early 1900s with immigrants having arrived in the area as early as 1855. The Chinese settlers in Liverpool were forced during the war to move from their original settlements and move towards Duke Street and Nelson Street after some bombings in the area. My favourite part of this area is the stunning Chinese Archway at the top of Nelson Street – it looks absolutely stunning and at 15m high, is the largest in Europe.

Credits: kneehigh85

This was constructed in 2000 and has become a major landmark in the area with tourists regularly flocking to take photos of it (like I did). This was imported from Shanghai in sections and then put together by craftsmen from China upon its arrival in Liverpool. Visually, this is a stunning piece of work and I could honestly photograph it from hundreds of different angles and with different cameras and whatnot. For me, this marks the main area in Chinatown and hence, the reason why when I am in Liverpool, I always end up coming back here, even if it is just for a stroll. What I also enjoy is that some restaurants are open ’til 3am, meaning even the latest of eaters can get a decent Chinese meal in Liverpool.

Credits: kneehigh85

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