The 'Writing on the Wall' Graffiti

On a recent day trip to Liverpool, there was a set of graffiti that really jumped out and caught my eye right away. Sadly I only managed to get one photo of it and would love to know a bit more about it before I return to the city in February.

Credits: kneehigh85

I love graffiti, I always have and I always will. I don’t mean the kind that naughty school kids do on bus stops with a “Sharpie” declaring “Kyle waz ’ere 2011”, I mean the real art kind, with beautiful colours and images that hold the power to tell a story. I always photograph good graffiti when I see it and my recent trip to Liverpool was no exception, there is some great graffiti there. The graffiti that stood out to me the most on this trip was not the bright bold colourful stuff however, but a set of thought-provoking bits of graffiti on a huge scale. All of the pieces follwed a set format where a statistic was given, then a huge space, then there was a question at the end. I loved all the ones I saw (I think 4 in total) because they really made you think about things, important issues like mental health, prejudice and climate change. Plus they were all massive, spread over an entire bridge or the side of a 4 storey house or something. I think they have been there for a long time as well as I found lots of photos on Flickr of these pieces so they must have been approved by the city council or I am sure they would have been cleaned off by now. I know in Leeds graffiti is unlikely to last 3 months, let alone 3 whole years!

The photos included above here, I managed to find on a man’s account. His screen name is @aguyIusedtoknow (and they are linked to his Flickr. On his Flickr it states that this graffiti is from a project from 2008 (which is when his photos were taken) called “The writing on the wall” but I have been unable to find out anymore about this. I would love to know how many of these there are in total so that I could go and search them all out. Can anyone give me any ideas?

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