The Secret Allotments - Hanger Lane


A patch of greenery hidden beside the busy London North Circular.

Having moved from the lush greenery of Cornwall to the Metropolis of London, my girlfriend and myself strived to find patches of wildlife and countryside. Hanger Lane, situated North of Ealing in West London, wasn’t where we expected to find such a place.

An area of a few acres left to grow out of control was situated a few minutes walk from our flat, and nestled within this was a group of allotments. Luckily we had our Holgas to hand and began snapping away. A highlight of mine was an scarecrow fashioned from a TeleTubby. Its odd weathered features would give quite the scare to any passing person yet alone bird!

After rain stopped play we then visited the allotments again, only this time under the cover of darkness. ( I think we technically broke in this time but as we didn’t steal any carrots or pumpkins i don’t think anyone would mind…) Long exposures and coloured flashes helped give the allotments quite an Erie feel. Culminating in us getting quite scared by a stray plastic bag and my stories of men hiding in the sheds.

Sadly we only visited the allotments and joining wildlife area a few times before moving back to Cornwall. I’m sure there are lots of places like this dotted around London that are nice to discover unexpectedly. Although I’m sure the thousands of people driving past all day and night are unaware of one being so close.

written by kernow_and_cambria on 2009-05-17 #places #trees #long-exposure #grass #location #scarecrow #pumpkins #tree #double-exposure #london #pumpkin-patch #teletubby #hanger-lane #north-circular #night-shoot #allotments


  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Love the red flowers of shot n°6! :)

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Awesome lomo gallery !

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