Cardiff State Beach (California)


Cardiff State beach is my absolute favorite summertime haunt. Although I give it love year round there is nothing better than a sunny summer day spent surfing and swimming in the ocean followed by relaxing on the beach with good friends, good music and a cool drink.

I can’t leave out that by my side always is my trusty LCA and Krab housing and Fisheye2 and Submarine housing. They are the perfect companions to document these beautiful days and fun times.

Although Cardiff State beach is the name used by the city, locals have it split into three specific areas, also known as “breaks” where certain waves come in. The northern most break is called “Cardiff Reef,” then there is “Georges” named after the locally famous restaurant that was built on the beach, then finally there is “Seaside Reef.” Cardiff Reef is a historically famous break known for it’s world class winter swell, examples of which can be seen in framed pictures on the walls of all the local restaurants, bakerys and businesses. Not to mention Cardiff is home to one of the most famous surfers in the world, Rob Machado.

When he isn’t on the world tour or surfing remote islands and breaks he can be seen out at Cardiff making everyones jaw drop. Other Cardiff highlights would include the campgrounds on the cliffs for those warm summer months and the best bakery in town directly across the street, VG Donuts, which stands for very good donuts.
There’s nothing like a salty surf session followed by a sweet treat. It’s almost unavoidable. I can’t leave out the recent controversy that has surrounded the Cardiff Surfer statue which has been renamed the Cardiff Kook by locals due to the fact that it is a poor example of a true surfer due to the “kook stance” in which it is riding the wave. Obviously the artist wasn’t a surfer.

Any chance locals get they will dress it up in costume to celebrate the coming holiday and mock it at the same time. Santa costumes, sports teams, women clothes, I’ve seen it all. Don’t let this behavior make you weary though. Cardiff is an amazing community full of truly unique people who just want to catch that next great wave while keeping the community funky.

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  1. stouf
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    Wooo this is absolutely fantastic ! Awesome gallery and text from our lomosurfer lomosexual_manboy !!!

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    jroberts ·

    These are wonderful!

  3. devrimarie
    devrimarie ·

    These pictures are really cool, I will definitely try to get there soon!

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    nice blues!

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