Urban Adventures in Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa is a Chinese mythological theme park in Singapore. It is located along Pasir Panjang Road. The nearest MRT station is Haw Par Villa MRT station. Haw Par Villa has a lot of statues relating to Chinese folklore, legends, and history.

One of its most famous or rather well known attractions is the Ten Courts of Hell, normally known as the realm of the dead or Hell in Chinese mythology.

Haw Par Villa has statues of Tiger Balm as well. This relates to the history of Haw Par Villa, which it is formally known as Tiger Balm Gardens built by the two brothers Aw, who were the developers of Tiger Balm. Therefore, it is common to find statues of Tiger Balm erected in Haw Par Villa.

“Bokeh” or blur in English is the aesthetic quality of the blur. It is very easy to shoot bokeh in Haw Par Villa and thus, it is a good location for photography shoots as well.

So guys and girls, bring your friends down to Haw Par Villa and enjoy the photography shoots and “Bokeh”.

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