Urban Adventures in Choa Chu Kang Cemetery


Choa Chu Kang Cemetery is the biggest cemetery located in Singapore. It is located near the Tengah Air Base. It is one of the only places where burials are allowed.

Choa Chu Kang Cemetery is a cemetery for Christians, Chinese, Muslims, and other ethnic races where the deceased are buried. Choa Chu Kang Cemetery is a place in Singapore where land is designated as a burial ground.

Notice the photos, each and every cemetery is different and distinct in their own ways; they are built and chosen exclusively by their family members.

For example, Christian or Catholic cemeteries often has a distinct cross symbol on top of the grave. The cross relates to the religion the deceased believed in. There are also other different types of cemeteries for other races and religions.

If you notice in some of the pictures, each grave is marked with a plaque at the head of the grave at ground-level. This is known as the lawn cemetery.

Some of the graves have windmills built on them. Not very sure what does this relate to in connection with the graves. Pretty interesting too.

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  1. srinath
    srinath ·

    Hi Sheldon,

    I want to shoot some scenes in the cemetery as part of a short video? Since you have shot photos there, I have certain questions to ask. Is photography permitted there for visitors or do we need to get any permission? What are the timings?

    Great photos.


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