Urban Adventures in Sungei Road


Sungei Road is a road in Singapore. It is located near the Rochor Canal. It is often associated with the Thieves’ Market. The nearest MRT station is Sungei Road MRT Station.

Sungei Road houses the largest and oldest flea market in Singapore normally known as the Thieves’ Market. It is a place where street peddlers displaying their stuff on canvas sheets along the road known as Sungei Road in the area.

The advantage of this flea market is because no rental has been provided for by the street peddlers to the Singapore Authorities, things can be bought cheaper. Apart from cheaper goods, one can occasionally find some old cameras, old photographs, and other rare collectors’ stuff, which one can no longer find in Singaporean markets.

Sungei Road is often crowded with people from all walks of life. It is often congested especially during the weekends.

Because of the congested human traffic conditions, Sungei Road seemly becomes one of the hardest places to shoot street photography. However, it remains as a challenging place to do so.

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  1. hairil
    hairil ·

    With all the construction work going on, lets just hope that the area won't be shrunk further...!

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