Urban Adventures in Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens is located in the central area of Singapore beside the Mount Elizabeth Hospital. The nearest MRT station is the Botanic Gardens MRT station.

Singapore Botanic Gardens house different species of plants. Example of some plants are the famous national flower or plant of Singapore – the National Orchid. The orchids are located in the National Orchid Garden, which houses other species and hybrids of orchids as well. The National Orchid Garden remains as one of the main attractions of the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Apart from housing different species of plants, Singapore Botanic Gardens remains as one of the great attractions for local Singaporeans to organise picnics, nature photography shoots, and wedding photography shoots. It is one of the places where families can meet up and have an afternoon picnics and enjoy nature while their kids play around on the green patch of grass.

Because of the nature and absence of cars and motor vehicles, the air is much cleaner and greener. Often, families also come together to meet up and play games with their kids.

At night, Singapore Botanic Gardens is a nice place for some night photography as well.

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