Grutas de García (Monterrey)


The Grutas de García are some amazing rock formations and if you look well (or get a guide) you’ll be able to discover some imaginative figures on the rock.

These caves, discovered on the mid nineteenth century, located in the north of the country are a fantastic place to visit, I went there with my school last year and it was quite fantastic. Once you get there you have to buy your ticket and you can go up by a cable car or (if you prefer) you can take the stairs. We took the cable car, the view is terrific.

Inside the caves, it is very windy, but just at first, once you get deeper into the cave the wind stops; there are different sort of “little caves” with some sort of bizarre rock formation (or else something interesting to look at) like a giant “hand”, a theater, some fossils, an altar to a virgin (Mexico is a VERY catholic country), there are also some rock formations that look like a donkey’s head and a gorilla, and a deep place lit up in red they call “hell”.

So if you’re interested I’d recommend you to pack some speedy film, an LCA (or another trusty camera [unless you’re an expert in bulb or want to practice] and some comfortable shoes.

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    Amazing shots - especially 7 & 8

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    Simply superb !

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    Lomographer Was Here!


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