Making a Miniature Diana F+


Ever thought about buying a cute little Diana F + keychain? Why not try and make one by yourself from a cool material called polymer clay! Learn the steps after the jump.

Here’s a tutorial on how to do your very own Diana camera keychain/pendant/ring/ornament.

Difficulty: Medium

What will you need:

  • A polymer clay in any colour You desire or want your tiny Diana+ to be (The clay should be available in most of the craft stores)
  • Fimo Deko Gel (this is not available in any kind of craft store, so if you have any difficulties with finding it you could just use white or translucent polymer clay instead)
  • A sharp knife
  • A pencil or any kind of petite tool with a round-shaped end
  • A needle
  • A toothbrush
  • (Optional) a varnish if You want to make Your Diana shiny
  • A clean surface and clean hands
  • An eyepin/ ring blank/ mobile strap/ keychain etc
This is what polymer clay looks like (plus there are also different brands like sculpey, cernit etc.)
This is what Fimo Deko Gel looks like.

Step 1: Roll a “sausage” out of your desired color of polymer clay (this is going to be the top 1/4 of your Diana+). Then make it a bit thinner and smoother by flattening with a knife or blade.

Step 2: Cut a rectangle out of of the “flattened sausage”.

Step 3: Do the same for the lower 3/4 part of Diana. For attaching those two parts, press them smoothly together, so You won’t distort the clay.

Step 4: Now we are going to make the lense. For that, you need to form a tiny cylinder out of polymer clay and after that, take your pencil or tool with a round- shaped end, and press it smoothly over your cylinder, so that you could make a tiny hole that we will later process to make the plastic part of the lense.

Step 5: Take your Fimo Deko Gel out, and pour a tiny bit of it on the middle of your Diana + body and place your lens on top of it. It is time to add the rewind button to your Diana. Cut out a small piece of your diana as it is shown on the photo below (3rd photo).

Step 6: Make an extremely tiny cilinder, and add it with a needle to the place where You just cut out a piece. For gaining even more realistic result, you could press some tiny dents to your remote button.

Step 7: For the viewfinder, you’ll have to cut out two squares plus the second square’s colour should be translucent or white and the size about 1/3 smaller than the first one. Place the bigger square on the middle top of Diana, and then the smaller square on the very middle on the bigger square. Squareception, huh?

Step 8: I’m pretty sure that you have spotted the “rugged” pattern on you Diana surface. We’ll, due to it’s easy making we are going to add the rough pattern too! Since Diana has this pattern only on the sides of it, you’ll have to take the sharpest knife on your household and gently press it on the sides of your Diana, so the pattern would be now easier to make. (As we can now separate the area, where We will have to do this pattern. Now to the funnest part (at least for me): take your toothbrush out and press it multiple times on the both areas, which you just separated. Do it as long as you think you haven’t got the pattern yet, but don’t be too harsh with the clay, since it can still be distorted due to it’s “softness”.

Step 9: This is going to be the last part. Take out your Fimo Deko Gel and pour it onto the small hole of the lense to make the plastic part of the lense. If You are unable to find the Fimo Deko Gel from craft stores, you could use translucent or white clay instead (in this case translucent would work better). Roll out a tiny ball of clay press it gently also onto the hole of the lense. I’m sorry for having no picture to to show you making the lense without having the Deko Gel. Now stick your eyepin in (as you can later attach it with a mobile strap or keychain or make an ornament out of it).

Baking time! Put your miniature into your oven with the temperature 120 degrees Celcius or 250 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20-25 minutes and voila, here is your DIY Diana+! Oh and if you don’t want to use the eyepin you can clue a ring blank on it, but you should definetely do it after baking. Good luck and have fun!

PS: I glazed the miniature after baking it, which was a very bad idea, because it actually looked much better without the varnish and thanks to that my Diana looks a bit worse in pictures than in real life.

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  1. crookedlens
    crookedlens ·

    Great idea, real DIY project!

  2. ehmahh
    ehmahh ·

    Such a great idea, i love fimo clay, will deffo try this!

  3. twinklecat
    twinklecat ·

    So cute! The Fimo gel is an awesome idea!

  4. civcivli
    civcivli ·

    i'm going to try this in a bigger scale and add a magnet in it so that i can use it on my fridge. thanks for the inspiration.

  5. eden0101
    eden0101 ·

    thanks for Your feedback. btw I forgot to add that in case You have Lomography cookie cutters, You can also use them very well! oh and any questions are absolutely welcome. :)

  6. candy_1006
    candy_1006 ·

    Well I made one before and it's so cute!!!

  7. meane
    meane ·

    oh It's so cute !!

  8. lyndxe
    lyndxe ·

    i love this idea!

  9. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·

    Very well done!

  10. paulamonteiroh
    paulamonteiroh ·

    great idea. looks super cute!

  11. carolinep008
    carolinep008 ·

    haha so cute!!!

  12. cecilialisbon
    cecilialisbon ·

    This is awesome :D

  13. beve
    beve ·

    had no such luck finding FIMO deko gel : ( where did u get yours

  14. nocturnal
    nocturnal ·

    The toothbrush part was so creative, I would've never thought of it!

  15. eden0101
    eden0101 ·

    Beve, sorry for answering THAT late, but I got my deko gel from a local craft store in Estonia. There's always a possibility to order one from ebay or somewhere like that. Though in order to get even more awesome effect, I recommend you to use resin stickers instead of deko gel, saddly they don't sell ones in my country, but I hope that you will wind them! :)

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