Urban Adventures at Lim Chu Kang Lane Abandoned British Barracks

Drive down to Lim Chu Kang lanes after Neo Tiew to see the once occupied British Barracks and photograph the area! You may have realised that there is a row of very rundown fenced-up barracks along Lim Chu Kang lanes when nearing the SLE Kranji entrance, they are once used by the British as a camp before World War II ended.

A pity that the fences are being repaired very efficiently and I was unable to crawl into the camp ground, thus I began looking around the camp for interesting details to capture. There are constructions going on around the camp and the place is perfect for a model shoot during the weekend when the workers are resting.

Walking to the back of the site, there are many interestingly-shaped construction materials, which can be used for posed portraits and lovely abstract/still life photos.

The location is wonderful for a few hours photographing but insect repellent is highly recommended!

written by scrabbyknees on 2012-01-06 #places #monochrome #olympus-xa #location #urban-adventures #lucky-b-w-100 #nikon-fg #nikkor-50mm-f-1-4

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