Urban Adventures Around Arab Street


Itching to shop and take some pictures at the same location without wasting any time traveling to different places? Head down to Arab Street for a fruitful afternoon of shopping and shooting away!

Arab Street is famous for its beautiful vintage shop houses, which sells many fashionable clothing. There are many well-renovated shop faces, which are worth photographing. People around the street are mostly youngsters, tourists or photographers. Youngsters and tourists normally are there for the vintage clothing and accessories, while the photographers go there for location and street photographing.

There is also a famous mosque where many tourists loiter around, which is also a very nice place to wait and take photographs of the perfect moment! The coffee shop around the corner also actually serves tasty milk tea, which is quite satisfying after a few hours’ walkabout.

The back alleys also have lovely details to take pictures with texture or a lonely mood. This place overall, is a very well-rounded location where you can shop and eat and take photographs all in one place!

written by scrabbyknees on 2012-01-07 #places #fuji-sensia-400 #olympus-xa #location #cross-processing #lomo-lc-a #urban-adventures #nikon-fa #nikkor-50mm-f-1-4

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  1. aberden
    aberden ·

    Arab Street (and the vicinity) really has a great cultural vibe. Each time I go there, I'm greeted by tourists from various parts of the world as well as the Muslims who go to the nearby Sultan Mosque. You have truly captured the essence of the place!

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