LaubenParcours (Strange Parasites)


A project that was founded by 13 Hannover based artists who came out with the idea to exchange their art within a new area which is usually unknown for art – allotment gardens!

From April 6th until may 31st the gardens at Lindener Berg in Hannover will become a stage for art interventions. For 8 weeks specific gardens will change their outlook – there will be soundless swings, flying pergolas, speaking hedges and unknown objects hanging in the trees….

For Photo lovers like us there is a special project:
One of the artists has a “work in progress” – Project going on, called the secret garden. He went into the garden in wintertime, shot 1400 pictures from 20 motives and is hiding them now in the allotment gardens. Whoever is finding one of the pics, can keep it and try to find the place where it was taken.

I recognized this project when I went to the gardens in the nighttime with my girlfriend and my dog. I saw these jellyfish and other objects in the trees – so I went home and get a tripod and my camera….it´s interested to see how the exactly same object turns out completely different when you shoot it with Flash or without….

If you are getting interested please check the following websites:

written by eyecon on 2009-05-12 #places #art #night #garden #rumble #light #location #objects #parasites


  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Waow ! Congrats for the crazy gallery !!! And this photo project is cool !

  2. klickovic
    klickovic ·

    yeah, great gallery, love it :)

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