The Dogs, Squirrels and Pigeons of Hyde Park


Once in a while, try adding a little assignment to your Lomographic routine — like what I did with our furry friends at Hyde Park!

I was having my take-away lunch from a nearby restaurant on a bench in Hyde Park sometime earlier in December with my friend. We thought of eating in, but the restaurant was full (it was lunch hour) so we had no choice. Thankfully, the weather was great!

It was during these 20 minutes of sitting down eating that I observed a lot of people and joggers are bringing their dogs out for a walk. Hyde Park is an amazing place for them — they’ve got plenty of spaces to run, squirrels to chase, and not to mention trees to mark their territories on! You can tell that the dogs are having a great time with their owners too.

As I finished my lunch, I figured that I brought an extra roll of film — why not just shoot all the dogs that came into my way? Previously on my first trip to Hyde Park I’ve taken photos of the swans around Serpentine Lake, but this time I wanted to just focus on the dogs.

I loaded a Fuji C200 into my LC-A+ and started approaching the dogs. Most of them were released from their leash; some were inquisitive and hopped towards me when I whistled, while others just pranced away as soon as I got near. Some were practically impossible to shoot because they were just constantly moving about, but one dog was simply too focused on a squirrel that it practically didn’t notice me at all!

Once in a while I came across a squirrel and a bird or two that I couldn’t resist to chase and shoot as well. I took almost all the photos without looking into the viewfinder — just giving myself a little practice shooting from knee level!

In the end, it was good exercise too, having to squat down, run a little, squat down again while trying not to scare the dogs away. And the smiles on the owners’ face after I thanked them are priceless; they are clearly happy to have someone photographing their dogs too!

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  1. skrutt
    skrutt ·

    I wished we had a big park like Hyde Park in my town too! We only have small parks, but that wont stop me from photo the dogs!
    I really like the idea of taking a roll of dogs, just like that.
    Great article! :D

  2. u-t-e
    u-t-e ·

    That photo with the pigeons flying away is genius!!!

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