Kota Tua (Old Town), Jakarta


Kota Tua or the Old Town of Jakarta is now a place of history and heritage. It was built up by the Dutch during their reign, and then of course the Indonesians finally reclaimed their place. The purpose of the Old Town was for commerce because it was a strategic location, and rich in resources.

Kota Tua is around 15 hectares, and it isn’t a hassle to walk around the vicinity. The exterior of the buildings within Kota Tua have the Dutch influence, and are still well preserved today. The area was once a place of commerce for traders coming in the land, and for those already residing in Jakarta.

Today’s Kota Tua is very much different from the past, well of course it is. The former Stadhuis of Batavia now serves as the Jakarta Historical museum. Bars, cafes, and other commercial establishments are now turned into stock rooms, little kiosks, and such. But good thing some of the establishments of the past are still operated by the same corporation.
It’s a great place to be around. There’s a bike rental, old school bikes to keep the vicinity integrated, old vehicles parked at the corners, and they still have the legendary Cafe Batavia. They even installed wi-fi connections to increase the visitors! Also, there’s an empty building which you can enter (just give the man watching the place a pack of cigs), and you’ll get an eerie feeling inside the building! Nice experience of exploring a building which carries a lot of stories of its past.

Kota Tua is a nice place to re-live the old days, especially since the country is modernizing their buildings, it’s a good change of view. I’d say Kota Tua is just one of a few places to go in Jakarta to see, hear, and touch a piece of history! Peace out!

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    That´s a place of my taste....

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    nice =)

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    One of most interesting place to take pictures

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