UK CitySlicker Claire: Beer-Fueled Christmas Party Carnage

Having missed my traditional Christmas to visit Barcelona in December, I had a party with my friends in Leeds in mid-December. Read all about it after the jump!

Credits: kneehigh85

This is the first year that I have laughed in the face of tradition and jetted off to a hot country (hotter than the UK anyway!) in December. Unfortunately, this meant that I missed out on the popular night out known, certainly where I live anyway, as “Mad-Friday”. Mad-Friday is the night when all the work parties tend to take place and the city center is filled with merriment and general chaos. To make up for this, I held a Christmas party on December 10 for 20 friends at Leeds Bierkellar (you can read my location article for the venue here).

After quite a lot of organising on my part (trying to get £15 off each of the guests so we could pre-pay was a bit of a nightmare!) we finally got there to a reserved canteen style long table, full of sausages, chips, pretzels, pickles and cabbage.

Credits: lal-chelc & kneehigh85

Of course, you don’t really go to a place called the BIERkellar for the food, and soon we were all up on the benches, steins in hand, dancing like loons to the oompah band.

Credits: kneehigh85

It was a really good night, despite the “forced fun” which I am normally totally opposed to. We had friends up from London who we don’t see anywhere near as often as we’d like, danced all night and drank stein after stein after stein. The best part about it was that there were even 8 lomographers there snapping away the action.

Credits: fletchinski84

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