Party with the Colorsplash

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a party with the Colorsplash camera. It’s an unforgettable experience to party with my friends and the colorful flashes of this Lomography camera!

A couple of weeks ago, I went out with friends to a very entertaining party called “Nikkita.” We had hoped for to attend it more than a month, because these parties are made from time to time in different places. It was the last party of 2011, the party closing the year. They had sushi, champagne, and gifts among other things.

When I met with my friends the first thing they asked was “did you bring your little fun camera fun?” and I thought, “OBVIOUSLY!” Of course, before I left home, the first thing I did was check if the Colorsplash Camera was in my bag and two rolls to capture all the fun moments of the night.

This camera is great for parties, given the size and weight (very light), and not forgetting that it is very pretty! Of course, I cannot put aside the flash that catches the attention of all people. In general, people are surprised with the colors, which is why everyone wants to pose in all the photos. Then, they ask me if they can “see what came out.” I have to explain that it is an analog camera, so I have to have the rolls developed and scanned to see the results.

In the end, the Colorsplash became one of the night’s sources of entertainment for my friends. People looked strange when they saw a very strong flash in different colors and especially when I left the shutter open for taking pictures with the effect of stripes.

As a result we had a great time—we danced a lot, sang, laughed, and took many pictures, leaving a memory of that great night!

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