Fun Ranch (Pasig)


A kid’s Paradise, a large amusement parks for kids and shops that can give incentive for a students.

Kids nowadays, don’t they just have all the luck? When I was a kid we didn’t have any large amusement parks. We didn’t have any of those really cool and expensive toys that they have now. The other week, we went to the Fun Ranch in Pasig City. It’s a hub of activity centers which are child oriented. Ok, so yeah it’s basically a more pimped up playground. There are arcades, inflatable bouncy castles, slides, swings, magic shows. Interestingly it’s not all fun and games here. Some shops give incentives to good students who have high marks on their current report card and give them free use of the facility for an hour.

Some places can be rented out for parties. I asked if they’d allow adults to rent out the bouncy castle, they said they’d give me an hour of use for a little over a hundred dollars. That’s unlimited guests bouncing around like mad. There is a spa and salon for the whole family although I can’t imagine why a kid would want a massage given their stress free life. The grub isn’t bad too. You can have your pick from colorful Japanese food , tasty grilled meals or maybe just a couple of sandwiches will do. What’s great for the lomographer here is that virtually everything in the compound is bright and visually interesting which registers quite well on film. Bold reds, strong blues, I’d probably come back with a Lomo Xpro Film in hand next time I visit the place.

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  1. eyecon
    eyecon ·

    Great colors! The Big Red Barn is fantstic...

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    eyecon is right, this shot is super !

  3. halfawakehaiku
    halfawakehaiku ·

    "A kid's Paradise, a large amusement parks for kids and shops that can give incentive for a students."
    I don't remember writing this part either :)

    Thanks eyecon and stouf! Much appreciated

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