Broaden your Analogue Horizon @ Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam

Panorama images are amazing, it’s about time we got some attention towards the Sprocket Rocket, Spinner 360 and the Horizon cameras! We’ll explain how the cameras work and give you all the tools needed to shoot some amazing pictures!

Credits: reinertlee

Lomographers pay great attention to the world around them. The problem is that we can’t always get everything we want into one frame! A panorama picture is pretty much the sole savior in this case. Their wider angle picks up on more details then even we can see ourselves!

Welcome to the world of panorama photography! Even in this little nook of the Lomographic sphere, you have an abundance of choices! You could go for the 360º experience with the spinner or the 120º wide angle of the Horizon.

During this workshop, you’ll get to know all the broader brothers of the Lomography family!
Next to a solid explanation of the cameras you’ll receive tips to make the most amazing panorama pictures. After that we’ll give you a camera on loan and a roll of film so you can start shooting your own panoramic perfection!

Credits: henkdevries

Workshop details:

  • The workshop is on January 11th from 5 pm to 7 pm in the Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam
  • Every workshop is €15 per person, unless stated otherwise
  • Every participant gets one free practice camera, a roll of film + development and a download link to your own images.
  • Be present at the Gallery Store 15 minutes before the workshop starts and pay for the workshop at the Gallery Store counter.
  • Every participant will get a 10% discount voucher that you can spend in the Gallery Store Amsterdam.
  • If you want to participate in this workshop, send an email to:
  • You can always bring your own camera!
  • The Workshop Crew speaks English, Dutch and German.
Credits: elvismartinezsmith & laiba

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