San Francisco in Toothpicks

Scott Weaver is an artist who created a toothpick sculpture of San Francisco called ‘Rolling through the Bay’. This kinetic sculpture took him 35 years to build and it is on display for everyone to see. Find out more after the break.

Images via This is Colossal

Scott Weaver started his project back in 1974. He collected different types of toothpicks in order to create this ingenious kinetic masterpiece. With approximately 100,000 toothpicks and some Elmer’s glue, he was able to create a sculpture of San Francisco that consists of all the different landmarks that tourists would want to see. All in all, he spent 3,000 hours over the span of 35 years to finish his work.

Different brands of toothpicks were used. Many of his friends and family members collected toothpicks from different places, such as Kenya, Germany, Italy and Morocco. Ping pong balls are also included. The balls can roll through different paths created around the sculpture. The sculpture is displayed in an ongoing exhibition.

See more of the toothpick sculpture with this video:

American Visionary Art Museum
All Things Round: Galaxies, Eyeballs and Karma
Rolling through the Bay
800 Key Highway
Baltimore, Maryland
(exhibition is ongoing until September 2, 2012)

The information for this article was taken from Rolling Through the Bay, AVAM and This is Colossal.

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