Life in Singapore's Holland Village


I believe that no matter how popular or well-documented a place is, there will always be something new to photograph. Take Singapore’s Holland Village for example. This is one very popular shopping, drinking, eating, and people watching destination in Singapore.

The Windmill

I won’t go into the history and culture of Holland Village in this article as panelomo has done a great writeup about the place before. Instead, I want to share with you some scenes that you’ll find in Holland Village.

Holland Village is special to me. As a young boy growing up in the 70s, my mother would occasionally bring my brother and me to Holland Village for a quick bite after school as a treat. Over the years, we have seen how Holland Village morphed from a quiet, sleepy enclave to what it is today.

Yet, some scenes and sights have not changed over the years.

Old-school entrepreneurs

And some shops are still there.

Because of its popularity as an eating and drinking destination, certain roads in the ‘village’ are blocked after the sun goes down. According to the police, this is to reduce the risk of Holland Village being a ‘soft target’ for terrorists.

Yet, this has not stopped new businesses setting up their shops there or people from patronizing them.

In fact, this is quite a popular place and if you’re lucky, you’ll even find a film crew interviewing people for an upcoming episode of The Noose, a popular local tongue-in-cheek current affairs/comedy program.

Sneaked up behind the cameraman for this shot.
From across the road

So what’s next for Holland Village?

I don’t know, but one thing is for sure, it will be a great place for another urban adventure soon.

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    Some nice shots from interesting perspectives. For those who are not familiar with Holland Village Singapore, here is the official Holland-Village-Singapore web site where you can obtain information on the place:

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