An Analogue Year in Review


The year 2011 has been a very significant one for my personal life; a few lows, and a lot of highs. My analogue life has been extremely eventful as well. As the year closes, it’s nice to reflect on the analogue year that was.

This year is probably overwhelming for me in terms of productivity because I get to compare it with 2010. The year before this one, I barely used my cameras. I think I only shot 15 rolls. Aside from the Whilst We Wait Project with basterda and other Filipino lomographers, I had nothing going on.

Now, to recap my analogue achievements of 2011…I don’t know where to begin, really.

I shot 75 rolls of film this year! It probably isn’t a lot compared to lakandula, or mephisto19 shooting rate; but still, 6.5 rolls a month does not seem to be the behavior of an inhibited lomographer. I am almost inseparable with my cameras this year; constantly documenting my life as it unfolds. In fact, as of the moment, 5 of my cameras are simultaneously loaded with film.

Credits: renenob

Being a lomographer is best when shared with others who have the same interest. With Lomomanila being not as active as before, I was lucky to be a part of Shutter Revolution, a local group of analogue photographers and lomographers here in the Philippines. More than just being mere online buddies, I have managed to meet and become friends with some of them.

Credits: renenob

It is only this year that I seriously built my lomohome. Painstakingly, I transferred all my previous shots from my multiply site to my home. Not to mention that I had to enter meta information for the most of the photos. To date, I have more than 3,441 photos, 215 albums, 37 Lomowalls and 207 Friends. I was even lucky that I was awarded with the Lomohome of the Day honors.

I also became more active in the community. I tried joining competitions whenever I can. Whether what is at stake are just 5 piggies, or a premium Lomography product, I tried submitting photos. However, aside from a few entries accepted for lomowall installations, I only won as a runner-up in one competition. How I wish icuresick would rub some of his talent in me.

Credits: renenob

One of the things I got so busy with this year is writing articles for Lomography. Ever since my first article was published last February, I haven’t stopped. Every beginning of the month, I eagerly wait for the requested articles post to check if there are topics that I am knowledgeable enough to write about. To date, I have 35 articles; I plan to top that in 2012.

Credits: renenob

Aside from sharing with other enthusiast, there is another good reason for all of this effort in the community: PIGGIES! How many piggies were awarded to me this year? A lot! More than enough to get myself 2 LC-Wide cameras, which for some reason, I haven’t gotten yet. Maybe next year, I will.

Credits: renenob

There was also a significant improvement in my collection of cameras and my film stash. This year, a got an LC-A+ RL, a Spinner 360, a Diana Mini, and just this month an SLR, a Nikon EM. At one point, I even bought 100 rolls of expired Fujifilm Superia 400.

Credits: renenob

Finally, the culmination of the “Whilst We Wait” project. It began in April of 2010 and ran for an entire year. Some of those who participated are also members of my beloved Shutter Revolution family. The task of a year-long shooting and waiting ended in March 2011, and the culminating exhibit was held this December. This was the every first exhibit I got to be a part of.

Credits: boobert

I have other things in mind, but this article is coming close to being rejected for being too lengthy.

It was indeed a very fruitful analogue year for me, and I can wait for 2012 to just as good, if not better. By the way things are be in January (I just order several
Lomography films, and an Oktomat), I think will be so. Lomo on!

As film photographers, our photos become part of our journey through everyday life. For this year’s series, our Lomographers encapsulate their trials, joys and the various highlights of their lives in 2011. Read more articles on the Year Ender series.

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  1. janey_mcfly
    janey_mcfly ·

    same here! i get to shoot more rolls of film compared to last year's stash.

  2. grazie
    grazie ·

    nice one Rene! Happy New Year! naks @iceuresick !

  3. grazie
    grazie ·

    hahaha mali pa!@icuresick

  4. skrutt
    skrutt ·

    Nice article! I hope my life get this good this year of 2012! :D Started with lomo 2011, so not many films was taken.

  5. pe
    pe ·

    :) have a joyful new year with a lot of photons captured :)

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