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The best products of each region all under one roof.

Nestled near the Ortigas Business Center is a shopping complex that doesn’t adhere the simulacra of the clean and sterilized life that malls try to go for. Here you’ll find space for you and your lovely pet to roam around. Just make sure you pick up after it. If you’re planning a visit to visit the Philippines but have no time to sample the delicacies and craftsmanship that our native wood cutters and craftsmen have to offer in the provinces then Tiendesitas is you’re next best bet. It is comprised of gigantic wood and straw huts twelve in all, inspired by the Maranaos, an indigenous tribe originally from south of the country.

Each hut focuses on a particular specialization like Fashion, Handicrafts, antiques (where I have found a few good cameras)Delicacies, Plants and Garden and so on and even a large area dedicated to your lovely pooch and kitty. On a random Sunday after visiting a friend, I felt the urge for eating something other than fast food crap. So we headed off to this place where local dishes from different provinces come at very affordable prices. Fresh Tuna from General Santos, Cebu style Roasted Pork, Bicolano Laing,rice Meatpies from Vigan? Oh man I go into a Pavlov kind of response just thinking about it. Excuse me while I wipe the dribble off my chin. All of these under 10USD. You’ll probably have enough to bring home to microwave. After walking around rest your tired bum on the native swings and chairs constructed masterfully using indigenous wood most which are no longer being sold due to legal restrictions.

Yuppies from the nearby offices frequent the place to have a drinking session or two because the alcohol is pretty cheap and the food if you don’t get it yet, is just scrumptious. Sub Zero Temperature beers for a dollar? Yes please and pass me the sisig.

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    Love the horizons!

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