Urban Adventures at Sunset Way's Train Tracks


Got bored of the Bukit Timah train tracks? Try Sunset Way’s train tracks, which consist of the suspended bridge that is totally gorgeous! There are many areas of the train track which you can explore around Singapore, and one of the least common is the Sunset Way’s part. My friends and I are suckers for train tracks and got bored of the one near King’s Albert Park, so we headed down to Sunset Way and immediately fell in love with that area!

The main subject is the suspended bridge and is very beautiful when the picture is taken and cross processed! There are many details around and on the track, which are very nice and useful for abstract pictures or model shoots!

The bridge is actually quite rusty and old, which gave me an urge to quickly snap more pictures before this structure gets pulled down or fall. Pictures taken there also gives a very relaxing and vintage mood, you can thus very easily lose yourself here for a few hours, looking up and down, trying every angle of framing and composition or enjoying the breeze!

There are also many details below the bridge, like an area used for private farming of some vegetables, which is fenced up with barbed wire and some purple-looking leaves. This is overall, worth a visit for train track fans and will surely help you use up a full afternoon!

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    wow you must have had a lot of time on your hands to type all these articles! can't wait to publish mine (:

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