Influence or Coincidence: Into The Blue with Franco Fontana


Italian photographer Franco Fontana is probably best known for his colour work. And in these gloomy winter days, what could be more uplifting? Possibly his even more summer envy-inducing poolside photos, that’s what! Let’s find out who on Lomography has some equally tantalizing chlorine-tinged shots.

Franco Fontana, Basilicata, Italy, 1978. Image via Robert Klein Gallery

Born in 1933 in Modena, Italy, Franco Fontana started taking photographs in 1961. He is best known for his abstract color landscapes, which to be completely honest with you, I don’t really like. Possibly because they remind me of the default Windows desktop background. And me, I’m a Mac man.

Up until I came across the poolside pictures which you’ll find a little further down, I thought my preference lied in Fontana’s more architectural works. I do tend to like a cool, minimalist approach to photography, with lots of empty space and fields of plain unobstructed colour.

Franco Fontana, Paesaggio Urbano (Lido delle Nazioni [Ferrare]), 1973. Photo via

But then, I came across these babies, and for the same exact reason: the fact that they’re brimming with empty space, I sort of crushed on them.

Franco Fontana, Untitled Photos, Swimming Pool, Modena, Italy, 1983. Images via Robert Klein Gallery

What’s your opinion about them? I’ve chosen the less graphic ones for this article, in case you’re reading this at work. But, there are lots of full frontal female shots which could easily hold their own with, let’s say, Helmut Newton’s.

As you can see, blue is the color and it’s overwhelming. Here’s some shots similar in style posted by fellow Lomographers kylethefrench, allswell, donmarcos, disdis and reneg88.

Credits: reneg88, kylethefrench, allswelll & disdis

Who came closest? It’s a tough one this week but I think donmarcos with the photo below.

Credits: donmarcos

Influence or Coincidence by Fabrizio Soler is all about how very often, one thing reminds of something else, and how some photos on Lomography recall those of well-established, world-class photographers.

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    I adore Fontana and his work. Partially because he is Italian like me, and there are so few famous Italian photographers....

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