Yuri Suzuki x Red Stripe's 'Something From Nothing'

We’ve seen a lot of DIY projects out there using/recycling trash to turn nothing into something. So, what to do with a lot of empty beer cans? Stack them and play beer can bowling? Nah. Sound Artist Yuri Suzuki created a sound system out of a thousand of them. Check out the video after the jump.

Photo via booooooom

Jamaican lager beer Red Stripe has a series called “Make Something From Nothing” and has recently collaborated with sound artist Yuri Suzuki who used thousands of Red Stripe beer cans to build a sound system. There were also some musicians who tested the creation and made some cool tunes.

Here’s the video where the artist talks about the project and a clip of a performance done using the system.

For more info on Yuri Suzuki, you may visit his website

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