Double Trouble @ Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam

Do you like some surrealism in your photography? Thanks to yet another great workshop at the Lomography Gallery Store in Amsterdam, you can learn the coolest tricks multiple exposures have to offer.

What is that ‘MX’ button all about? How can you use it? What does it do? Well that’s exactly what you can find out during the Double Trouble workshop!

Credits: warning

‘MX’ is short for Multiple Exposure. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Basically, it means that you get two (or more) doses of light on your film instead of one — resulting in 2 pictures, merged in one frame!

Credits: filby

Go outside and shoot, silly! What do you want as background images? And what do you want as foreground images? Will you keep your camera perfectly upright or just let it slide? This and more is what you’ll be experimenting with in this workshop.

Here’s a quick tip! After capturing the first image, turn your camera upside down, and take a shot of the same subject again! Want more? Come and join the workshop fun!

Can’t wait till it’s January 29th? Do a search in the archives for pictures with the tag ‘MX’ or ‘multiple exposures’ for some inspiration!

Workshop details:

  • The workshop is January 29th from 2 pm to 4 pm in the Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam.
  • Every workshop is €15 per person, unless stated otherwise
  • Every participant gets one free practice camera, a roll of film + development and a download link to your own images.
  • Be present at the Gallery Store 15 minutes before the workshop starts and pay for the workshop at the Gallery Store counter.
  • Every participant will get a 10% discount voucher that you can spend in the Gallery Store Amsterdam.
  • If you want to participate in this workshop, send an email to:
  • You can always bring your own camera!
  • The Workshop Crew speaks English, Dutch and German.
Credits: eva_eva, megs79 & sebastianerras

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