Lubitel 166+ Keychain: It's in the Details

The Lubitel 166+ keychain is a must have for any Lubitel lover. It is tiny, cute, and you get a really cool tin can as a bonus!

I love all my cameras and I have a special place in my heart for my Diana F+, but I adore TLR’s and of all the cameras I own I think it is safe to say that my Lubitel 2 is my all-time favorite.There is just something about that really bright waist-level viewfinder and the overall beautiful design that makes it my number 1, with my Diana F+ following closely at number 1.5.

However, the Lubitel is heavy and a bit bulky so as much as I’d love to, I can’t take it everywhere with me. That is, until now!

I had been eyeing the Lomography keychains for quite awhile and the other day I went to the local Lomography store to buy some film packs and I ended up buying a Lubitel 166+ Keychain too.

The first thing I noticed was the packaging. It comes in a really cool tin can that you can use to store a spare 35mm film roll, some handy spare batteries, or any other small things you want to take with you that might otherwise get lost if let loose in your bag or your wallet. I’m using it to store my Diana F+ color gel flash filters at the moment.

The keychain itself is small and so so cute! And the detail in it is amazing: The Lomo Lubitel 166+ Universal lettering (on the front of the camera and on top of the viewfinder hood), the lenses (including the raised rims on the lens rings!), the levers and tabs, the texture of the camera body, the counter window, the exposure chart on the back, the tripod mount at the bottom, the metal tabs on the side where you’d attach the strap on an actual camera, and even the hotshoe for the flash, It is all there!

I just wish you could open the viewfinder and you could see a little image inside, they could even be different from keychain to keychain and you and your friends could check each other’s Lubitel keychain’s to see each other’s images, and trade with each other to collect them all. But yes, I know that is asking way too much for a small keychain!

When you take the keychain out fo the tin can it comes attached to a small booklet that shows other available Lomography keychains and gives you suggestions for when and where to use your own: as a keychain (of course), as a zipper pull, or as a camera charm.

You can use it in a whole bunch of other situations: mobile phone charm, bracelet charm, earring, necklace, dollhouse item, etc. You can even take the chain off and make a ring out of it, if you like wearing big bulky fashionable rings. If you are creative you will surely find a myriad of ways to use/wear it.

At the moment I am using it as a zipper pull for my camera bag (where I take my cameras, lenses and accesories when I go out).

However, do be careful when you use it as a zipper pull or attached to an everyday item. It can get caught somewhere causing the chain to snap/break and you can loose it. I was going to wear it as a zipper pull for my everyday bag, but I was afraid I’d loose it while walking around or running to catch the train (yes, I’m always late, lol). I was also afraid it would get stolen without me noticing while on a packed subway/train on peak hours!

In conclusion, the Lubitel 166+ Keychain is really well-made and really cheap so if you want to treat yourself but you don’t want to spend too much money it’s great. It is also pefect to give to someone as a gift. So if you have any Lubitel lover friends whose birthday’s are coming up, it is the perfect option. I guarantee they will absolutely love it!

Your favourite Lomographic cameras have been turned into miniature keychains! Use them as a conventional keychain, or let them dangle from your mobile phone, camera, or purse as a cool accessory! Lubitel 166+, LC-A+, Diana F+, and Fisheye No.2 keychains are available in the Lomography Online Shop.

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