Luminescent Origami Jellyfish


Luminescent jellyfish can be found in dark and deep ocean waters. A recent display at the Vancouver Aquarium showcases the beauty of these creatures using origami. Learn more after the break.

Photo via Tangible Intervention

The Vancouver Aquarium features an interactive art installation of jellyfish that that are seen on the coast of British Columbia. Luminescent jellyfish glow upon disturbance. These creatures contain the protein aequorin and GFP (green fluorescent protein), which allows them to give off that strong luminescent glow.

The art installation features 94 meticulously folded jellyfish origami crafts. Before folding, the pieces were laser cut and scored to ensure precision. Each jellyfish contains an LED unit that allows it to glow, much like the luminescent jellyfish. The entire jellyfish display changes colour based on a visitor’s motions on the touch screens.

Here are some photos of the art installation:

Photos via Tangible Intervention

Jelly Swarm
Vancouver Aquarium
845 Avison Way
Vancouver, Canada
Exhibition is open until January 2, 2012

Here’s a short video on how they were made:

The information for this article was taken from Washington EDU and Tangible Intervention.

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