Gallery Store Berlin Workshop: The Government District with LomoKino LomoWalk

Who won’t imagine a gloomy spy thriller or a Lo-Fi detective story happening at this place? We take our LomoKino and beam back to the Golden 20’s to create a cool black and white movie.

Credits: ululchen

Time travelling is on the run! The fantastic LomoKino, the setting of historic Berlin, an intriguing plot, and three rolls of Lady Grey 400 film to make your vision come true. The best director wins 2 tickets to the screening of “The Artist” (cinema start: 26th January).

Saturday, 14.01.12 @ 14 pm – LomoWalk: The Government District (LomoKino)

Tickets are € 15 and are inclusive of lend-a-camera, 3 films, plus 10% off film processing.

Credits: patatero, grenoouille & legacy

Please drop by the store, write us an e-mail, or give us a call to book a place!

Lomography Gallery Store Berlin
Friedrichstraße 133
10117 Berlin
T: 030 202 151 62
Doors open: Monday until Saturday from 10.00 – 20.00

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