My 2011 in Analogue: First of Many Years to Come


Looking back… I’ve been hooked on Lomography for more than a year now. It started back in 2010, and now at the crossroads between 2011 and 2012… Let’s take a look back at my 2011 in analogue.

My Lomography journey started back in 2010, and I simply fell in love with my first analogue camera: the (Queen) Diana F+! Read more about that here

In 2011, I got my first SLR camera, I was obsessed with reading up about related topics for an extended period of time, and then I decided on the Pentax K1000 with a 50mm f/2. It was a pretty. Full manual, and it has a metal body which made it heavy but really a good and solid feel to it. Of course, I was so excited to try it out! So one fine day, I took it to the park and …

film: lomography color neg 800iso

and to the wetland reserve …

film: lomography redscale 100iso

Guess what happened next?! I got so fascinated with SLRs and I began to scour the depths of e(vil)bay in search of more analogue goodies! I got my hands on a Minolta X-700 which is really light, and it was a really smart camera too! I got some lens which I grew to love to go with it too, namely the 50mm f/1.7 and f/1.4. Gotta love fast lens + fast films, cos it’s time to get some night shots!

film: lomography color neg 800iso

Ah… and the search continued… I got myself a Canon AE-1 Program with the 50mm f/1.8 which is also fairly light in weight and it was a good camera to carry around.

film: lomography color neg 100iso

As a Lomographer, I am sure you are familiar with the whole film swap and doing doubles or collaborations with other Lomographers. I was curious and itching to try it myself and so I did! Here is what came out of my very first attempt! Shot with my Diana F+ and 35mm back with the panoramic with sprockets mask.

film: lomography x-pro slide 200iso

If you were wondering if anything else happened on e(vil)bay, I got myself another medium format camera after my Diana F+ – a Lubitel 166B with the old cyrillic wordings!

Here’s a photo of me with the Lubitel ;) – Shot with my Minolta X-700 (50mm f/1.7)

film: ilford hp5 400iso

And a photo shot with the Lubitel 166B

film: shanghai gp3 100iso

Lomographers are an awesome and fun bunch right? So of course, I have some fun photos to show for.

film: fuji reala 100iso; camera: minolta x-700 & 50mm f/1.7

And we went to explore the last kampung (malay word for village) in Singapore!

film: fuji superia; camera: pentax k1000 & 135mm f/3.5

And then, I got myself a Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim after reading and hearing so much about it from fellow lomographers, and we went kite flying at the Marina Barrage! (If you have been to the Lomography Gallery Store in Singapore, maybe you saw these photos on the wall!)

film: lomography xpro slide 200iso

And, I took a trip on the KTM train to Malaysia and took my Vivitar UWS and a new toy, the Lomography Spinner 360 with me!

film: lomography xpro slide 200iso

And of course, there must be some photos taken with my beloved Diana F+ right?

film: lomography b&w 100iso

My first attempt at long exposure at night:

film: lomography color neg 800iso ; camera: canon ae-1 program

Of course, I didn’t stop here for the rest of my 2011 but I realized I can’t fit everything in here, but do drop by my LomoHome and see the rest for yourself there.

Keep shooting, believe in film, live analogue!

Credits: awesomesther

As film photographers, our photos become part of our journey through everyday life. For this year’s series, our Lomographers encapsulate their trials, joys and the various highlights of their lives in 2011. Read more articles on the Year Ender series.

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  1. antibiotyx
    antibiotyx ·

    happy 2012, esther! new year, more new cameras? keep the lomo passion alive. :)

  2. awesomesther
    awesomesther ·

    @antibiotyx thanks Sherwin!! I hope I've more cameras :p And yea! Keep shooting! :D See you again soon!

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