Handmade QR Code Made Out of Physical Objects

Another example of analogue -digital crossover. London-based photographer David Sykes had this cool idea of creating a QR code made out of various stuff. From bottles, brushes, bottles, boots, etc and photographed them overhead using film. Read more…

Photos via Featureshoot

David Sykes made this project to promote the re-launch of his website. He said: “I wanted to play with the juxtaposition of a physical object linking directly to the digital, so I decided to build a 3D model of the code and create the image in one shot”. He used a lot of items in making the image, you’ll notice several vintage items like a Sega game console, a boombox, vinyls, and BETAMAX/VHS cassette tapes to name a few. And according to the source article, the QR (Quick Response) code works! You can scan the code using an iPhone or iPad to access content on David’s website.

Photos via Featureshoot

David shot the 3d image using film and presented the package neatly with an analogue vibe. The prints look really nice. For more information on David, you may visit his website at DavidSykes.com.

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