Handling Your Spinner 360


I made this article since a lot of us (Spinner 360 users) tend to overlook the obvious. By its size and looks, we can say that it’s durable . But Spinner 360 is one of the most fragile cameras LSI has ever made. Here are some personal tips how to handle it with proper care.

Do not use the built-in tie-your-strap-thing (the place where you tie a neck or hand strap) at the bottom of your Spinner because it will easily be broken if you’re a clumsy person like me. Instead, use a quick release tripod head. A tripod head has a screw that will fit the thread of your Spinner since it has a tripod socket at its bottom. This will give you a more reliable spot where you can tie your neck or hand strap.

Here’s how to do it:

My Spinner built-in tie-your-strap-thing was broken before I realized that I can use a tripod head:

So tie your straps in the right place.

Always remove the belt when in transit. Whether your Spinner inside your bag or hanging around your neck while walking, remove it. Since the belt is directly connected to the spool, any movement can anytime advance your film without you knowing it. That’s a total waste of film! Remember that you can only make around eight shots from a 36 exposure film using your Spinner, every sprocket counts!

Store the belt in a dry box with dehumidifier to avoid deformity and brittleness. You don’t want to use any DIY rubber bands when it’s broken, do you?

So there, take good care of your Spinner and let it not be like mine!

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